Beechworth Gorge
Beechworth Guesthouses

Set on the edge of the historic Beechworth township, two double storey houses are proposed on an empty block to provide a retreat for visiting guests. The journey for visitors begins at the driveway leading down a gravel path to a garage entry. Visitors enter a lowered alcove, opening up to a central north facing double height space and connects to the terrace and private native garden.

The two main bedrooms form the ends of the houses with views to the Beechworth Gorge on the upper level and a private garden on the lower level. A bunk room and bathroom bookends the house with views over the garden and driveway. Bathing, entertaining and gathering all occur with oblique views to the garden. Simple materials have been used to engage with the rural environment.

Seclusion, careful orientation and view lines have been considered for the two houses to nest together on the block.

Victoria Hill Mine Bush Reserve

Bendigo Mickey Mouse Hill House

A family house perched at a look out point over Bendigo between remnant mine and bush reserves. It stands between civic infrastructure and cabin retreat.

Thornbury Hill St House 2017

This addition to a brick double fronted house in Thornbury was designed to accommodate a few new family members. With a modest budget and short time-frame, three bedrooms, a laundry, en-suite, bathroom and living area were added to the existing north facing yard. A large sailing roof structure was designed to bring together these rooms that spilled out onto a tiered deck for playing, performing and entertaining.